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Terraform Modules:

How to import resources with terraform in modules.

HashiCorp Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool that lets you define both cloud and on-prem resources in human-readable configuration files that you can version, reuse, and share. You can then use a consistent workflow to provision and manage all of your infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. Terraform can manage low-level components like compute, storage, and networking resources, as well as high-level components like DNS entries and SaaS features

Terraform Features.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) is a practice that has become mainstream with the growing popularity of public cloud providers, such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft. In a nutshell, it consists of managing a set of resources (computing, network, storage, etc.) using the similar approach developers use to manage application code.

Terraform import with modules

Lets understand terraform import for modules

What is terraform module?

As best practices, many organizations use modules that are known as reusable code. Modules are cleaner looking but the “child module” a.k.a the resource block configurations are what powers the Modules (parent modules)  Let’s review our terraform code. We can make changes and additions to our terraform configuration when we get more details back from terraform plan after import.

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How to import terraform resources ?

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