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Curabitur ac leo nunc estibul et mauris vel ante finibus.


Curabitur ac leo nunc estibul et mauris vel ante finibus.


Curabitur ac leo nunc estibul et mauris vel ante finibus.

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Break The Barrier with CDEC and become a professional Cloud and DevOps engineer.



  • Introduction To Linux Foundation

  • Basic Commands Of Linux
  • Working with Files and Editors

  • User Administrator in Linux

  • Linux Security System

  • Archiving and Filtering

  • Job Scheduling

  • Linux Package Management

  • Partition and Volume Management
  • Networking and Firewall
  • SSH and SCP
  • Process and Log Management
  • Boot Procedure
  • Apache and Nginx Server
  • FTP Server
  • NFS Server
  • MariaDB Server
  • Tomcat Server

Shell Scripting

  • Basic Commands and File Handling
  • Shell, Output and Input Commands
  • Variables(Set and Unset)

  • Command Linx Arguments

  • Condition, Loop and Functions


  • Hosting Services using Shell Scripting



  • Introduction to AWS

  • Foundation: IAM, Pricing Calculator

  • Storage Services: S3, EBS, EFS

  • Computing Services: EC2, ELB, Auto-Scaling, Workspace

  • Networking Services:VPC, NAT, CloudFront, Route53
  • Monitoring Services: CloudWatch, Xray
  • Serverless Computing: Lambda, SAM

  • Provisioning Services: CloudFormation

  • Platform As Service: ElasticBeanStalk

  • Database Services: RDS, DynamoDB

  • Other Services: SQS, SNS


  • Introduction to GCP
  • Foundation: GCP,IAM
  • Storage Service: Cloud Storage
  • Computing Services: Compute Enginer

  • Network Services: VPC,NAT
  • Monitoring Services: Cloud Monitoring and Logging


  • Introduction to Azure
  • Foundation: Azure Administration
  • Storage Services: Azure Storage
  • Computing Services: Azure VNet
  • Network Services: VPC,NAT
  • Monitoring Services: Azure Monitoring



  • Source Code Management Tools: GIT, GitHub, GitLab

  • CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, Github Actions, Gitlab, BitBucket Pipelins
  • Container Tools: ECS, Docker

  • Orchestration Tools: Kubernetes, EKS, KOPS

  • IAAC: Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Configuration Management Tools: Ansible
  • Monitoring Tools: Zabbix / ELK / DataDog
  • Provisioning Services: CloudFormation

  • Build Tool: Gradle/Maven, npm
  • Artefact Management: Artifactory/Nexus, ECR

  • Testing Tools: SonarQube, Junit, Selenium


  • 30+ Live Projects
  • Internship Program
  • Free SoftSkills Sessions
  • Personality Development Sessions

  • Interviews: Mock Interviews, Interview Recordings, Individual Evaluation
  • Resume Building Sessions

  • Naukri Profile SEO

  • Sessions Video Recording

  • Placement Assurance

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