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  • Containers vs VM’s

  • Basic of Containers

  • Minikube setup on AWS/GCP

  • Installing K8’s on AWS / GCP

  • KOPS Setup on AWS

  • Building Docker Images

  • Securing Docker Images

  • Best Practises in Building Images

  • Docker Hub/ ECR Image Registries

  • Docker Networking

  • Running Sample App on Docker

  • Docker-Compose Introduction

  • Multistage Docker Images

  • Practise Test on Docker Compose

  • Sample Applications on Docker Compose

K8’s Basics

  • Node Architecture

  • Replication Controller

  • Services

  • Labels

  • HealthChecks Readiness and liveness Probe

  • Pod State

  • Pod LifeCycle

Kubernetes with Helm

K8’s Advance

  • Secrets

  • WebUI in K8’s

  • Deploying Services

  • Replicas and Replication Controller

  • Deployments and HealthChecks

  • Service Directories

  • ConfigMap and RBAC

  • Ingress Controllers

  • External DNS

  • Types of Volumes

  • Volumes auto-provisioning

  • Pod Presets

  • Integration : CloudWatch, Xray

  • Pod Auto Scaling and Cluster Auto Scaling

  • Affinity and Auto-Affinity

  • Taints and Tolerations

  • Custom Resource Definition (CRD’s)

  • K8’s Master Services

  • Resource Quotas

  • Namespaces

  • User Management with RBAC

  • Networking

  • Node Maintance


K8’s DevOps

  • High Availability

  • TLS and ELBS using annotations

  • K8’s Pipelines using Jenkins, Gitlab

  • Setting up EKS and GKE using Terraform

  • Deploying Backend Services on K8’s Cluster using Pipeline

  • Deploying Frontend Services on K8’s Cluster using Pipeline

  • Monitoring Tools: Prometheus / ELK / DataDog

  • Build Tool: Gradle/Maven, npm
  • Artefact Management: Artifactory/Nexus, ECR, DockerHub

  • Testing Tools: SonarQube, Junit, Selenium


  • Installing Helm

  • Helm with Terraform

  • Deploying Helm Chart

  • Best Practices in Helm Chart

  • Setting up Jenkins Server using Helm Chart

  • Migrating from v2 to v3

  • Helm Security Audit

  • artifacthub.io Helm Utilities

  • Creating Helm Chart from Scratch

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