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AWS Fundamental

  • What is IAM

  • Launching AWS Instance

  • Setting up VPC Networking

  • Deploying Serverless application[Manually]

  • Deploying EKS application[Manually]

Terraform Fundamentals

  • Infrastructure as Code (lac) concepts

  • Installing Terraform on Linux & Windows

  • First Step with AWS

  • Version Constraints
  • Create, Update and Destroy Infrastructure

  • Terraform Providers

  • Resource Targeting

Terraform with Terragrunt

Advance Terraform

  • Data Sources in Terraform

  • Terraform Graph

  • Terraform State

  • Remote State

  • Build in Functions in Terraform

  • Dynamic Blocks

  • Important Functions in Terraform

  • Loops in Terraform

  • Terraform Workspace

  • Validating in Terraform

  • Terraform imports

  • Taint and Untaint

  • VPCs and NAT Demo Launching EC2 instances in the VPC

  • Pod Auto Scaling and Cluster Auto Scaling

  • VPCs and NAT Demo: Launching EC2 instances in the VPC EBS Volumes EBS Volumes in Action

  • Userdata Static IPs, EIPs, and Route53 Demo Route53 RDS Demo

  • RDS demonstration IAM IAM users and groups in action IAM Roles Demonstration: IAM Roles

  • Autoscaling with Elastic Load Balancer

  • Jenkins setup with Terraform

  • Pipelines form Infrastructure

  • (ALB) The Beanstalk’s Elasticity Elastic Beanstalk is a demonstration

  • Jenkins setup with Terraform


Terraform Modules

  • Module Development Fundamentals

  • Loops in Modules

  • Setting up Multi-env applications with Modules

  • Setting up EKS and GKE using Terraform in Modules

  • Conditional Modules [Network + Application Load Balancer]

  • ECS + ALB Module Demo

  • EKS Helm Deployment with Terraform

Terragrunt | Terraform wrapper

  • Installing Terragrunt

  • Basics of Terragrunt

  • Resolving Explicit dependencies

  • Making variable file usage consistent

  • Atlantis with terragrunt

  • tfenv with terragrunt

  • Auditing scripts with tfsec

  • Creating Helm Chart from Scratch

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